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Help staff love their work and become your top performers. Use virtual training that integrates wellness, performance, and remote work skill building.

Explore free and low cost resources for remote workers & the HR teams who support them.

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About me

What I do.

Virtual training for companies looking to engage top talent and upskill their people in the new world of work. I work with hybrid and fully remote clients to deliver live virtual training to meet employees where they are and I work directly with individuals to teach them the skills to do well, whilst being well when working from home (WFH).


By integrating wellness and skills based training, you can boost performance and retain your best talent. I help people love their work and feel confident to achieve their performance goals. My holistic approach to facilitation recognises you need both the skill set and the mindset to perform. 


We have all been on a course - super excited - but then nothing sticks. Having the skills and the knowledge is not always enough to drive performance. This is why I integrate wellness into all of my work.

If you are interested in solving your development challenges, fill out the contact form below. 

Samantha Roberts of SamRoberts_Consulting

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Take 2 minutes to champion your growth with my free downloadable resources. 

Sure workshops & DISC profiles are fun, but learning can be as simple as a three step process, or a snazzy checklist. 

Playing Foosball


Use this bingo card with your teams, as an icebreaker, or to check-in with yourself.

Working From Home

9 Steps to Launching a Wellness Program

Review the top 9 things to consider before launching a workplace wellness program.


Goal Setting
Notion Template

An easy to use template to set goals, track progress, and celebrate your achievements.

Audience in Lecture


"Sam is methodical and dedicated in her approach, always trying to obtain the right outcome for the client by tailoring content and making it as interactive and engaging as possible."


Contact Me
Contact Me.

Thank you! I look forward to connecting.

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