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What is included?

  1.  Details of the 8 steps to a successful workplace wellness program

  2.  Practical examples and templates to get you started 

  3.  Exercises to build an action plan for your next program 

  4.  Free bonus access to 100+ workplace wellness tips 

This book was created to help anyone launch their first workplace wellness program or improve their current initiatives. Let Sam take the hard work out of designing, launching, and evaluating your employee wellness program, drawing on years of experience developing workplace wellness initiatives for companies around the world. 

Contact us to be notified when the eBook is available for purchase. This is a no commitment, expression of interest. 

This eBook is for anyone that wants to:

  • Launch their first workplace wellness program​

  • Convince their leadership team to invest in wellbeing

  • Create a low-cost but high-impact wellness program

  • Help people avoid burnout and stress at work

  • Improve their own personal well-being 

  • Demonstrate they are a company that cares about its people

  • Walk away with their action plan for a successful wellness program

  • Help colleagues perform their best at work because they feel their best 

  • Get started but doesn't have the time to research and create initiatives 

  • Create a culture of wellness at work

Be Well & Do Well 
With Be Happy Remote

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